Two poems

These poems first appeared in the Information Point newsletter Our World in 2013. Patrick lives in Northern Ireland and is diagnosed with myotubular myopathy and had recently started writing poetry.

Patrick told the Information Point ‘I started writing poetry after being inspired by the great poet from Derry here in Northern Ireland, the late Seamus Heaney, who died recently. Seamus wrote about everyday life and ordinary people. I also like W B Yeats, Patrick Kavanagh and Edgar Allen Poe among others. Ireland has produced many great writers and poets down the centuries. I guess it is in the celtic blood to tell a story, be it in plays, songs or poetry. People and events in ones life can inspire you to write and when it comes together it can give you great satisfaction. I would encourage everyone to read their favorite poets and learn from the masters. When you reach the depths of despair or the heights of happiness, these are the times when your creative soul is at its best’.


Alone in a world of perfection
Standing out from the crowd
Longing for someone to notice
To look behind the disability
To see the ability
To say hello,
To say I love you
For the sun to shine on me
To warm the hearts that
Are cold with ignorance
I have feelings too and
want you as my friend.

The Vision

She was there at the bistro
This vision of loveliness
Spellbound by her presence
Her blue eyes on me
I offered a smile
What are you staring at? she said
My heart sank
Sorry, I muttered
Can I have a Panini, and can I see
You tonight?
Heaven’s door opened
When she said alright.


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