We Love You Wednesday

This story about Cooper, first appeared in a 2015 issue of The Information Point newsletter Our World, when Cooper’s mum Natalie told us about  Cooper appearing in the We Love You Wednesday campaign for clothing company Gymboree.


Cooper Bushey is five and a half years old and lives in Ohio, USA with his mum Natalie, dad Matt and twin sister Lilly. He is diagnosed with myotubular myopathy and recently featured in the We Love You Wednesday campaign for clothing company Gymboree.

The campaign asks parents to share photos of their children in Gymboree clothing for the chance to have the photos displayed on Gymboree’s Facebook page. It enables children who are not models to model the clothes and show they still look good on children in regular situations and it is also a bit of fun to see how kids put outfits together.

Natalie told The Information Point ‘A fellow nurse co-worker was kind enough to take the pictures for me. She knew I had ordered cute outfits for the kids and that they had to have pictures done in them. I actually entered photos of both Cooper and Lilly, I was so proud of the pictures and my kids. Whenever I can share their cuteness I try to’.

Of the photo being selected Natalie says ‘It is so nice seeing big companies being inclusive of all kids. In a little over 12 hours Cooper’s picture received over 200 likes, mainly from complete strangers and I think it was a great opportunity to show a kid that isn’t ‘classically’ beautiful. Even though he has extra hardware and can’t smile the biggest, he still has a light and beauty about him that radiates’.

Natalie decided to use the opportunity to raise awareness of myotubular myopathy by tagging the photo #CooperforGymboree on Facebook and Twitter and including links to websites for further information. Natalie says ‘I was hoping that by using the hashtags #Gymboree and #CooperforGymboree we could possibly get more photos included and the company would see the need for a diverse group of models’.

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