New website for Dynacure

This article first appeared in The Information Point newsletter Our World in 2018.

Dynacure, a biotechnology company developing new treatments for patients affected by serious orphan disorders. recently launched a new website.

In its first drug discovery program (Dyn101), Dynacure is focusing on centronuclear myopathies. The program is based on the modulation of the expression of the Dynamin 2 protein through the use of an antisense oligonucleotide developed in collaboration with Ionis Pharmaceuticals, the leading biopharmaceutical company in RNA-targeted drug discovery.

Ionis Pharmaceuticals recently announced the license, to Dynacure, of IONIS-DNM2-2.5Rx (Dyn101), a Generation 2.5 antisense drug targeting Dynamin 2 for the treatment of centronuclear myopathy. Dynacure will now assume all development and commercialisation responsibilities for the program.

The new website includes information about Dynacure, their research and development program and stories about people with centronuclear and myotubular myopathy.

Further information

To learn more, visit the Dynacure website below.

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