Wacky Rally

Georgina Fowler is diagnosed with centronuclear myopathy and lives in Hereford. She rides at the charity ‘Ride 2 Achieve’, which seeks to provide bespoke support to disabled horse riders who wish to achieve their full horse riding and therapeutic potential and where riders are provided with support and mentoring, designed to fit with their own individual needs.

Georgina recently qualified for the Riding for the Disabled Association National Championship, at the prestigious Hartpury College in Gloucestershire, along with 17 other fellow ‘Ride 2 Achieve’ riders. The group sent the most riders to the national competition, despite being the smallest group involved.


Earlier this year a group of Georgina’s friends took part in The ‘Wacky Rally, Barmy to Barcelona’ to raise funds for the charity in a 17 year old VW van purchased for £150, dressed as characters from the A-Team The rally, described as a four day ‘banger rally’ challenge, covered 2,000 miles. Starting in northern France, the rally headed south to take in some high Swiss, French and Italian mountain passes, then on to the French Rivera, before finishing in Barcelona.

Daily challenges were issued by the organisers, however these were not about who is the cleverest, fastest or skilled but an overall combination of everything, with points being gained for things such as the theme of a car, a team being in fancy dress and team work. Over £1,000 was raised for the centre.

Georgina and friends

More photos of the event can be found on the
Wacky Rally Facebook page.

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