NMC Training and Development

Based in Winsford, Cheshire, the NeuroMuscular Centre (NMC), is the Centre of Excellence for people with neuromuscular conditions. For 29 years, NMC has supported thousands of individuals, their families and carers with physiotherapy, vocational training and employment opportunities. The centre puts emphasis on what people can do and not on what they can’t do, working to provide opportunities and options for people whose disability often means they see little positive future,  wanting people to see individuals’ abilities and achievements, not their disability. Our World has previously reported on the work of the physiotherapy department and in this issue writes about the work of the training and development department.

Graphic Design students.

Graphic Design students.

Since 1994 the training and development department has enabled hundreds of students to participate in digital graphic design courses and more recently animation, music and photography, to provide them with a foundation from which to pursue opportunities in the world of higher education and work.

NMC Training and Development run courses and workshops at the centre for anyone diagnosed with a neuromuscular condition and there are distance learning opportunities for students who are not able to study at the NMC and wish to study from home.

Pebble painting

Pebble painting workshop.

Training is provided throughout the year excluding Christmas, with study being highly flexible and provided at no fee. It offers a route for those wanting to enter the workplace, go onto further education or simply for those wanting to learn for personal development. Some ex students now work in NMC Design and Print (a not for profit organisation providing graphic design and print services), while others have followed different paths depending on their goals.


Courses include graphic design (level 1 – 3), animation, music, life skills and skills for work. All courses can be tailored for individual specific requirements but if you’d rather work on your own laptop or equipment these can be accommodated. You can read more about the courses provided below.

Gaming Day

Gaming Day.


Every year the department run a series of ad hoc workshops on a huge array of topics. Led by members of the NMC community, ideas are always being sought that will engage new audiences. Past workshops have included pottery, gaming, 3D printing, cooking, blogging, photography, card making and pebble painting. You can read more about the workshops below.

Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh award.

Other opportunities available from the department include:

There are also a number of clubs that people can join:



Taster sessions and distance learning 

Can’t decide if you want to get involved? You can try a taster session. Taster sessions  allow prospective students the opportunity to try a range of specialist equipment and software.

Can’t get to NMC or want to study at home? Some courses are available as a home study option.

The NMC Training and Development thrive off meeting and supporting new people with neuromuscular conditions and empowering the  community to flourish. If you would like to take a course or take part in a workshop, the team would love to hear from you. 

NMC Titins wheelchair football.

NMC Titins wheelchair football.

Further information

For further information about the work of the NeuroMuscular Centre see the websites below.


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