Good news stories (part two)

2020 has been a difficult time for everyone but despite coronavirus life has been going on, so the Information Point has been on the look out for good news stories from the CNM/MTM community and in June 2020, we shared our good news stories (part one).

Want to  join in spreading some happiness too? Maybe you have celebrated a birthday, reached a milestone, received an award or honour, achieved something in your work, got good grades in school, passed an exam, completed a degree, graduated or something else? If you have good news, please share it with us together with a photo, by sending an email to and we will share it here along with the stories above.


18 year old Andy from Farmington, Minnesota graduated from Farmington High School in May with a virtual graduation and a drive by parade with cars, trucks, bus and fire engines to celebrate.
Andy's graduation.

Announcement of Andy's graduation.


In June Paley Wood celebrated his 10th birthday. Local extended family members came by the yard to blow kisses (and bubbles) and wish Paley a happy birthday.

Paley and mum Marie.



On 14 June 2020 the Ward family took part in the virtual Eversource Walk for Boston Children’s Hospital.

Will with mum Erin and dad Mark.

2020 was Will’s 12th year leading a team for the Beggs Lab. During this time he has raised $148,500 for congenital myopathy research at the Beggs Lab, Boston Children’s Hospital, with the the support of his marathon partner of 15 years, Kate McQuade Maul and friend Carol Chaoui, making Will at the top of the leader board another year.

Will Ward - Miracle Maker.

This year participants were invited to walk at anytime,  where they were, do a short walk or long walk and post a picture of support for Will’s Team and the Beggs Lab on Facebook.

Little big talents

The Polish non profit organisation Fundacja Oswoić Miopatie recently produced a short film titled ‘Little Big Talents’.

Little big talents image.

Nawrat Dorota from the organisation says ‘Only a few children who are struggling with such a cruel disease as myopathy on a daily basis. But despite all the adversities, they show the whole world that they can also create masterpieces, surrounded by the love of their loved ones, having dreams worth fighting for and realizing. They are wonderful little children, for whom the fight for health/life intertwines with happy moments of childhood. Drawing pictures they move to another magical world, the world that smiles at them, the sun shines only for them, and joy is omnipresent. In the pictures we see smiling figures who like a fairy tale invade their little hearts, awakening in them a sense of security and love. The pictures show us that despite their illness, they are normally developing children.’


In June Reilly Wilson finished Pine Ridge Secondary School in Toronto. He was in the graduating class of 2020 and received a recognition award for personal excellence – acknowledging his exceptional contributions to the school and for overcoming obstacles to achieve personal success.





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