ActiMyo® research survey

An international survey for patients living with a neuromuscular disease, their families, and caregivers, developed by Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) and Sysnav is currently seeking opinions, expectations and concerns regarding the use of a wearable device.

ActiMyo® is a new wearable device developed to evaluate the physical condition of people with mobility issues and record, in a very precise and sensitive way, the movements of daily life of a patient in his/her usual environment. It is the result of close collaboration between the Institute of Myology and Sysnav, a company, specialising in navigation systems and motion analysis.

ActiMyo® is composed of sensors worn on the wrist and/or on the ankle(s) aiming to capture movements of arm and/or leg. The ActiMyo® does not detect a patient’s GPS movements but could help to demonstrate physical improvement in patient studies ie, whether a drug is helping to improve muscle power, strength and function on a day to day basis. 

Why this survey?

The aim of this survey is to collect opinions, expectations and concerns regarding the use of a wearable device in clinical trials, as well as the clinical meaningfulness of potential outputs. Digital clinical outcomes are still in their infancy, so the voices of patients, family and caregivers are central to ensure that the device matches the needs of the community.

How do I participate?

The online survey will take 20 – 30 minutes and can be found below.

By answering the survey, you consent that your data could be used for development of new digital endpoints and regulatory qualification. You will not be paid for completing the survey.

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